Fifa 14 APK for Android Full HD free download

Fifa 14 APK for Android Full HD free download

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Fifa 14 APK for Android Full HD free download, Fifa 14 Android, Fifa 14 APK free download
Fifa 14 Android
This fall 2013, EA will have something for the FIFA 14 Android ? It is time to upgrade and add new ideas to the FIFA 14 version for iOS and Android . EA promises to bring a breath of fresh air with unique and innovative gameplay designed specifically for touch screen phones devices, tablets,...(See more info and download game Fifa 15 Android)

All operations to choose from, dribbling, defense, strength and light shot, run, speed, ... will be manipulated by touching the screen. This is good news for FIFA 14 APK community this fall.

Fifa 14 Android Full HD free download

If you're familiar with the traditional controls of the PC version of FIFA in a hurry, do not worry, you 'll be pleased to know that the old regime controls remain in place. That means you can choose to use the touch screen keyboard or via the options item in the game. There is also the interface panel, FIFA 14 Android allows players to choose 34 different stadiums, parts parameters such as game time, weather,... and more than 600 teams from 30 leagues available in  games.

Fifa 14 APK free download

For popular games can be global as well as gratitude to the gaming community, the mobile version of FIFA 14 Android has five different languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Fifa 14 APK Full HD free download

FIFA 14 APK on the compatible mobile phone for Iphone, Ipad and Android devices will definitely be available this fall, but the release date and price of the version has not been set at this time.

What new in Fifa 14 Android !?

Shortly after his rival is PES 2014 Android scheduled to be released yesterday, FIFA 14 APK is not less competitive immediately bombed village football simulation game trailer introduces new features promising comeback this.

"There are goals in football history has shaken the whole world , and in this game you can also feel great when great goals scored like that" - quoted by EA Sports ad introduction of FIFA 2014 APK with two notable new features in gameplay that is Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics - and is expected to feature completely changes how you scored and made ​​every shot becomes very real.

Fifa 14 APK for Android Full HD free download

Pure Shot will make fans feel FIFA authenticity of each counterattack, while Real Ball Physics is a physics system ensures all new ball will orbit exactly what happens in real life. The combination of Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics opens doors to great shot, authenticity and diversity in FIFA 14 Android.

Pure Shot was developed to give the player the same feelings are transformed into their favorite players scored a great goal. The goal was created from the combination of the precise time base, judgment, and select the appropriate location, players will feel them, and have shot a reasonable judgment, suitable for handling the ball, as well as the opportunity to learn to finish. Players will try to give the best shot, but it will depend very much on the volleyball to how their fee. New graphic effects will support the diverse movement shot, and the image error in FIFA 13 Android or Fifa 12 Android also removed.

Besides the change in the goal, Real Ball Physics will make the ball in FIFA 14 APK as the ball in the real world. With the new algorithm, the ball will be in space orbit and the exact route possible, which opens up to the player more options for the shot. Players are able to use powerful shot from distance, press the ball with accuracy, shot power sink.

Here is the clip show two features introduced, Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics, demos have done quite a bit shorter and generally should also not really see the difference in FIFA 14 APK compared to the previous version.

Real Ball Physic balls will be realistic.

Players will be really great to experience the feeling of the beautiful scored goals. The same things that wait for FIFA 14 Android.

How to play Fifa 14 ? What's Tips and tricks to play on Fifa 14 you need to know?

FIFA 14 has been very successful in bringing gamers the excitement felt when they scored a goal, making the shot and make the operation a new touch control very precisely . And here are a few tips and tricks on Fifa 14 that can help you conquer the challenges in this game easily as possible:

  • Tip 1: Do not ever try to take the ball (an opponent) by blocking him from behind in FIFA 14. If you are trying to perform this action, the true recipe that is already on a yellow card for his, or worse a red card in the game. Instead, you should try to take the ball from one of two players: either the player is facing a ball player or click above to carried out and the ball moves to the desired position of you.

  • Tip 2:  Do not forget that you can make the sprint phase in its own way to get out of trouble cases or to move to a better position on the football field. However, to perform this operation, you need to ensure high levels of accuracy for their actions. Note that click any location on the screen to help the players on the field sprint, and move your finger up and down the screen lightly to redirect their movement for accurate jog.

  • Tip 3: Definitely you'll have to take a certain amount of time to do with the new touch controls in FIFA 14 versions for mobile platforms this year. Therefore, Fifa recommend that you spend a bit of time to try to experience the game takes place in quick time before deciding to participate in the challenge of the tournament. You can also find out information and guidance to support and improve operations for individual players in the help of FIFA 14.

  • Tip 4: This is a pretty good tip to help gamers can earn huge amounts of cash from the first stage of FIFA 14. The first team that you face with weak skills and can easily be defeated by a clever striker. Your task is to focus on the action moving through the ball, pass the ball around and the demand.

Now you can download Fifa 2014 android full apk here:

Link APK file: Fifa 14 APK free download on google play

Or APK+Data files on:

- 4shared
- zippyshare
- mediafire

- Install Apk file
- Download and unzip data files then copy to folder to path sdcard/Android/obb/
- First time running, you must turn on Wifi to check, on kick off option press unlock all (press 2 - 3 time on check for existing purchase button).

Have fun !

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Tips and Tricks on Fifa 14


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