Facebook Lite apk for Android free download

Facebook Lite apk for Android free download

Facebook Lite for Android is Facebook shortened version (less than 1MB), less the amount of data the network, work well on all networks, running smoothly even on 2G network will give you a better experience for Android models with low profile.

With Facebook Lite Apk, access to Facebook is faster, smoother. Facebook Lite Android free download for devices running Android OS 2.2 or higher to start surfing Facebook with faster, more powerful help you quickly share status, photos, messages to friends and relatives.

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Social network Facebook has become increasingly close and familiar in everyday life and the undeniable benefits that Facebook offers. From that Facebook developers a lot of applications for the Facebook platform and constantly updated and improved to perfect them for the best user experience. However, for a series of low demand, the shortened version of Facebook Lite seems to be the perfect choice to surf Facebook and fastest updates without spending a lot of data.

Facebook Lite on Android but the shortened version, but it's still full of basic functions include push notifications, chat Messenger, Pages and Groups like Facebook Full versions use less data and work on all networks, even on 2G network running smoothly.

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What's new the main feature of Facebook Lite for Android:

  • Receive messages from friends, perform the conversation as the messaging app free calls
  • Get notified when your friends like and comment your posts
  • See what your friends are doing on Facebook
  • Share updates and photos
  • Using fewer data network
  • Quick Settings for application size is just 252kb
  • Fast Download
  • Working effectively with the packet network
  • Designed for 2G and areas of limited connectivity

Update all information from friends faster than ever with Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite Free Download for Android to not miss any messages, comments from friends.

Now you can download Facebook Lite for Android free (APK+Data):

File size: 252 KB
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

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List of Fantastic Shooting Games on Android can not be ignored

List of Fantastic Shooting Games on Android can not be ignored

Check out the list of extreme gravity Shooting Games on Android operating system that you definitely can not be ignored until the present time.

Into the Dead for Android Apk free download

Into the Dead is a First Person Shooter (FPS) action mobile game. Based on Zombie stories plot, Into the Dead will take you to a world with not a single sign of human life, except you and the bloodthirsty zombies surrounding you and awaiting to plunge onto you to devour you. To survive, you need to pick up everything you can as a weapon ready on hand to attack and knock out any zombie blocking your way out of hell.

Into The Dead for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Into the Dead for Android

Shadowgun: DeadZone for Android Apk free download

If you like the idea of a mobile game with shootings in the outer space, then Shadowgun: deadzone may be an ideal game for you. The game focuses on online multiplayer mode and thanks to this you'll have the best online multiplayer experience so far. The game is based on wonderful graphics and has many contents to be unlocked. All are excellent.

Shadowgun DeadZone for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Shadowgun Deadzone for Android

Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android Apk free download

If you've played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the PC, you certainly know the acts that require players to control their Mini-Drones devices or their squads. similarly, Call of Duty: Strike Team will focus on single player function with options for switching between first-person view to third-person view from top to bottom that give you better overview of the battlefield.

The scenes in Strike Team are set in 2020, when tensions between the major power countries will be at an alarming rate, after a group of anonymous terrorists attack United States. Players will lead a special team of head to toe equipped men going hunting down for those responsible for the attack.

Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Call of Duty Strike Team for Android

Major Mayhem for Android Apk free download

Major Mayhem is a gun shooting game offering a quick, simple and traditional play mode. Players just need to make touches with their fingers to deal with the ninja, secret agents, or any other targets that the President asks them to destroy or the assignments that he asked him to complete. Some assignments are based on some plots associated somehow to some secondary characters, but in fact you just need to touch your targets and finish them off.

Major Mayhem for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Major Mayhem for Android

Dead Trigger 2 for Android Apk free download

Dead Trigger 2 bears similarities to Madfinger Games, the best arcade styled game of 2012. Basically, it is considered a very attractive action mobile game version designed in the Free to play form on the Android OS platform.

In terms of its plot and content, Dead Trigger 2 attracts players to a detailed description of a dull world raged by zombies.

Dead Trigger 2 for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Dead Trigger 2 for Android

Zombie Gunship for Android Apk free download

If you've ever played Call of Duty, you're sure to never forget the Death from above scene where you take control of a fighter coded AC-130 equipped with toys ready to shoot at the enemy. Zombie Gunship was designed by Limbic software on that idea.

In the game, you will be looking down above from a majestic landscape and waiting for the Zombie to show up on the radar. Suddenly from the shades, a caravan of people is fleeing in panic from the bloodthirsty zombies. And your task is to fire all the Zombies before they can rip up the innocent people or flee back to their shelter.

Zombie Gunship for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Zombie Gunship for Android

Deer Hunter 2014 for Android Apk free download

Deer Hunter 2014 is developed on the improvements of the previous versions, and thus is highly hailed by world gamers worldwide since its debut. In this game, players will participate in exciting hunts. Their main tasks are to lie in wait for, aim at and knock out your preys.

After each round of game, you will get the money for the preys you kill to buy and upgrade the equipment you need for the next round of hunting. Beside the easy challenges, players have to overcome many difficult tasks such as aiming at moving targets or fierce beasts who may counter attack you at any time.

Deer Hunter 2014 for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Deer Hunter 2014 for Android

Zombiewood for Android Apk free download

Zombiewood is a mobile game where players will handle an ambitious stuntman in the Hollywood world full of zombies. A stubborn director will take you levels of games where you will have to use the deadly costumes. Players will go through weird game movie-like scenes and kill the moving corpses.

Zombiewood for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Zombiewood for Android

Epoch for Android Apk free download

Epoch is a shooter game for android in the third person view where a player controls a robot going through the devastated  cities as the aftermaths of the "End of the world" event on Earth and to destroy all other well-armed robot army. The game is designed as if you are programmed to "protect the princess in a tower" like the other heroes, but the truth will eventually be revealed after each personal diary page.

Over time, you will collect more data or useful add-ons to upgrade the characters by yourself. The game's control mechanism is highly visual, which may include thrusts between your defenses and target choices.

Epoch for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Epoch for Android

N.O.V.A. 3 for Android Apk free download

Gameloft, a leading mobile game developers has quenched mobile worshiper's thirst by their launching of their masterpiece FPS NOVA 3. This is the 3rd part of the famous NOVA shooter series called "Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance". Developed on the success of the previous two parts, and based on a powerful hardware platform on mobile devices, NOVA 3 will help players enjoy very impressive experience with beautiful graphics.

NOVA 3 for Android Apk free download

>> Link download NOVA 3 for Android

Fields of Battle for Android Apk free download

Fields of Battle has all the features of a shooter game. It has high quality graphics; is the first person view game shooter, with online multiplayer mode and a variety of other features. However, instead of firing bullets at the bad guys, you'll shoot at the colored balls. The game also feature a number of superfine customizable choices and a lot of contents for players. It is a superb shooter no-blood shedding game on mobiles but still have the typical elements of a lot-of-fun shooter game.

Fields of Battle for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Fields of Battle for Android

Modern Combat 5 for Android Apk free download

In Modern Combat 5: Blackout, you will begin their adventure in Venice, Italy, where your main character, Phoenix must prevent a group of armed terrorists armed from transporting weapons of mass destruction. You will become a skilled gunner who practices quick responses and flexible moves to kill the enemies.

Modern Combat 5 offers players a lot of challenges, beautiful and attractive 3D graphics. With more fighters and weaponry in the action scenes, the game is sure to bring you with immensely novel experience.

Modern Combat 5 for Android Apk free download

Gun Zombie: Hellgate for Android Apk free download

Gun Zombie: Hellgate may be the longest and biggest shooter game in the list. It includes more than 60 fights against bosses, 500 missions, and three game modes. It also features an endless mode where you just shoot down zombies and the Rush Boss mode. Graphic is everything you may desire in a zombie game and they are all free.

Gun Zombie: Hellgate for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Gun Zombie Hellgate for Android

Mass Effect Infiltrator for Android Apk free download

Mass Effect: Infiltrator has come into the version for PC and the all rights reserved science fiction on mobile. Players will move between firefights and touch the targets of attack and make intuitive attacks. If you've been get used to the traditional version of the Mass Effect series, you will quickly become familiar with the bullying from the Geth robot, scaring bio-energy, and world war ... on the mobile version.

Mass Effect Infiltrator for Android Apk free download

>> Link download Mass Effect Infiltrator for Android

Have fun with these best free android games.

Top best free mobile games on Android launched 2014

Top best free mobile games on Android launched 2014

Let's have a look at the best free Android mobile games recently released on Android devices in the World in 2014.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team apk for Android
Fifa 15 for android
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team apk for Android devices is the name of the peak football game for mobile published by EA SPORTS for the fans of the game. This game represents a proper investment in play method, quality of graphics and smoothness of the football dragging and dribbling technique and the pinnacle football techniques of players. Surely with all those interesting things you can't ignore the thrilling atmosphere of FIFA 15 football matches on your phone.

Link: Download  Fifa 15 for Android here 

Beach Buggy Racing for Android phones and tablets

Vector Unit - the creator of some amazing mobile game has launched the very speedy and extremely thrilling Beach Buggy Racing game.

Beach Buggy Racing apk for Android free download

You like adventure game for android? You are a fan of four-wheeled colorful vehicles? Let's come to Beach Buggy Racing. The game has peak quality graphics and dynamic sound and you will be definitely hooked to it at the first sight.

Link: Download  Beach Buggy Racing game for android here 

Ninja VS Pirate for Android phones and tablets

Ninja vs Pirate for Android is a mobile role-playing game recently released on the Android operating system. The game tells stories of a strange clandestine force that breaks the balance of the animation world. This chaos occurs in all parts of the world. You will play the role of the main character and summon your companions to fight that force and at the same time create the glorious history and bring peace back to the world.

VS Ninja Pirate for Android free download

Link: Download  Ninja vs Pirate for Android here

League of Summoners for Android phones and tablets

League of Summoners for Android is a mobile game that combines role-playing and cards and designed for the Android operating system. Players will control many different characters who look very much alike the generals in the legendary game LoL (League of Legends). Besides, the game features a quite huge system of creatively invented weapons and armor.

League of Summoners for Android free download

Link: Download League of Summoners for Android here 

AntiSquad Tactics for Android phones and tablets

AntiSquad Tactics game for Android is an interesting hybrid genre that combines the characteristics of a strategy game with a  turn-based combat game, and some improvements from role-playing game. AntiSquad Tactics is the first original version of the team strategy that we've ever seen, and unlike X-COM, AntiSquad Tactics is designed for mobile devices for the first time. But what gamers be interested most is that AntiSquad Tactics is available with both premium version and free version.

AntiSquad Tactics game for Android free download

Link: Download AntiSquad Tactics game for Android here 

Brave Striker - Fun RPG Game for Android phones and tablets

Brave Striker is a newly released and exciting action role-playing game for gamers on mobile. In the game, you need to summon hundreds of characters with special abilities to explore your fantasy world of the most powerful army.

Brave Striker - Fun RPG Game for Android phones and tablets free download

Abyss - the black hole that according to legends, was once a gateway to the dark world which had been sealed up by gods, Arcanians and people in ancient times. However, the seal has been broken by the Maou fearsome demon who emerged from the abyss. Maou and his evil forces waged the war to conquer all. And so, the Brave Striker warriors will stand up to defend their land from such brutal invasion.

Link: Download  Brave Striker for Android here 

Spider-Man Unlimited for Android phones and tablets

Spider-Man Unlimited for Android phones and tablets free download
You will see the Spider-Man showing up again but with a completely new style and none of the fights as in the previous versions. Spider-Man Unlimited is a non-stop free running game. One novel feature in this game is players will find on their way lurking enemies appear and they have to make the decision to remove them as quickly as possible.
Link: Download Spider-Man Unlimited for Android here 

Zombie Virus for Android phones and tablets

Zombie Virus for Android phones and tablets free download
Zombie Virus is a mobile game with the familiar zombie theme. In this game, a player will play the role of a mad scientist who has a morbid passion of creating a virus and spread it from North Korea to the worldwide. So your main missions will be to upgrade the deadly virus and create chemical explosions to contaminte all the beings in that planet.

Link: Download Zombie Virus for android here 

Bomber Friends for Android phones and tablets

Bomber Friends for Android phones and tablets free download
Bomber Friends is an action game produced and newly released by Hyperkani. In the game, you will join with your friends in an extremely interesting online multiplayer game. You will have to do everything to be the last to survive in order to win the game. You are advised to collect Power ups to get the highly destructive bombs and use them to blow up other players scattered everywhere on the map.

Link: Download Bomber Friends for Android here

Assassin's Creed Pirates for Android phones and tablets

Assassin's Creed Pirates for Android phones and tablets free download

A good news for fans of Assassin's Creed Pirates as now they can download Assassin's Creed Pirates free. Along with it, Ubisoft also added to the game an appendix named Cold Blood.

Link: Download Assassin's Creed for android here

Have fun with these best free android games.

Photo Editor App for Android free download

Photo Editor App for Android free download

Photo Editor for Android is a free professional photo editor application for android mobile devices and Tablets. This software provides you with all the tools you need for editing a photo. For example, you can crop, edit or upgrade the images or use the filters to easily decorate your pics with borders and frames and stickers.

One thing worth mentioning is that Photo Editor Android has a very an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. Even a user who has never done photo editing before will find it easy to use this program.

Photo editor app for android free download
Some features of Photo Editor App for Android:

  • Photo Editor App allows for automatic upgrading of photo quality with just a single button press (One-Tap Enhance).
  • Photo Editor App offers multiple options of effects and stunning photo frames.
  • Photo Editor App offers a collection of funny stickers helping users to decorate their photos the ways they want.
  • Photo Editor Android allows for editing the color balance.
  • Photo Editor Android allows for crop, rotate and straighten their photos.
  • Photo Editor Android allows for customize the brightness, contrast, color tones and the saturation levels of their pictures.
  • Allows for sharpen or blur their image as they wish.
  • The Color Splash mode allows users to convert their photos into black and white pencil photos and later they can use their fingers as the paintbrush to regain color to their photos.
  • The unique Focus (Tilt Shift) feature helps users to easily focus their cameras and create a focal point in an image area.
  • Allows users to draw and add text to their pictures.
  • Allows users to create their own memes.
  • Allows for the sharing options onto social networks.

The best Photo Editor Android free download

Note: The edited pictures will be saved in File Manager/DCIM/Camera or \Sdcard\Camera.

Let's install this excellent and absolutely free Photo Editor for Android right now.

Now you can download Photo Editor for Android free:

Download Photo Editor App for Android on Google Play

File size: 7.5 MB
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up

See more other of Photo Apps for Android:

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Download Camera360 Ultimate Apk for Android

Download Camera360 Ultimate Apk for Android

Camera360 Ultimate Apk for Android Devices is currently one of the best quality and multiform photographic applications which has been downloaded and used by over 90 million users worldwide.

Download Camera360 Ultimate Apk for Android
Camera360 Ultimate Apk
Camera360 Apk is increasingly perfected based on researches, developments and improveents based on the positive response of the community of users. the latest version of Camera360 Android is currently 5.3, with a completely different interface, a system of optimized functions allowing easy transition between Effects and Scenes, and added with 7 main modes with faster response speed, timer photography, allowing users to store and share their photos with resolution up to 2000px through Cloud services.

Update Camera360 Ultimate for Android:

  • This latest version of Camera360 uses the Near Field Photo Transfer Technology, facilitating the optimizing of the photos sharing speed.
  • The Starry Night filters help users to embellish their photos with a bright starry sky.
  • The Light Color filter enables users to shoot their selfies in more stylish and fashionable way.

Camera360 Ultimate Apk free download
Camera360 Ultimate for android free download

The main features of Camera360 Ultimate for Android

  • 7 main shooting modes: special effect mode, self-portrait mode, quick-shoot mode, funny mode, tilt-shift mode, color-shift mode, audio camera mode and other modes.
  • Further upgraded with special effects with 3rd generation image processing technology, improving the special effects to be more brilliant and clearer and bringing greatest ever photography experience to the users.
  • Photo Montages help combine great photos together into a work of art.
  • Camera360 Cloud provides a highly secure and reliable cloud platform for users to browse, manage, edit and share photos with their best friends and beloved ones.
  • Video Shooting (beta phase) to capture the most exciting moments.
  • The QR code scanning ability is significantly improved.
  • Too many cameras in Camera360? Too many effects in Camera360? No more worry. Camera and Effect and will operate in the form of plugins. Here, the users can add on the camera and the effects they like. Customize your Camera360 right now.
  • New perfectly flat interface. The new Camera360 is now better built and organized and is very elegant.
  • More features are added such as Crop, Rotate, Blur, Texture ...
  • Allow users to adjust the frame ratio as 16: 9/4: 3/1: 1 even while shooting.
  • Allow for fixing of resolution changes in the photos after being shot.
  • The Easy Sharing Option allows users to share photos with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...

Video about Camera360 Ultimate on Android:

Now you can download Camera360 Ultimate Apk for Android free:

Size: 25M
Current Version: 5.4.5
Requires Android: 2.3 and up

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Asphalt Overdrive apk for Android full data free download

Asphalt Overdrive Apk for Android full data free download

Asphalt Overdrive Apk is the latest free games for Android in Gameloft's Asphalt Racing series has been launched in Google Play. In this latest Asphalt version, Gameloft will take players back to the world of Arcade style car race of the 1980s. You will have a chance to glide on classical muscle racing cars, hurtle down the California streets sweeping dust along the road and superciliously challenge American traffic polices.

To tell the truth, Asphalt Overdrive does not necessarily follow the arcade style but this game's graphics that do, and this will give you such feelings. Basically, Asphalt Overdrive Android follows the endless runner gameplay (running for life) which is quite popular today. That is, instead of human running like in Temple Run 2 Apk or Despicable Me for Android, the players will race their cars on the endless roads. Because of the above reasons, you can't rotate the screen horizontally for doing the race like with Asphalt 7 Android or Asphalt 8 Android, but will have to keep your Android device straight in Asphalt Overdrive for Android.

For this reason, Asphalt Overdrive runs on a totally different control mechanism. Specifically, the player should slide his hand right or left to switch between the different racing lanes. At the same time, in this game to win the first place in the race is not the only goal and players can also enjoy lots of other funs. For example, they can collide and push other cars off the track, challenge the police and perform dramatic chasse, and of course, an indispensable part in Asphalt Overdrive will be beautiful showoffs of skills.

Asphalt Overdrive for Android Apk free download

What's new Features in game Asphalt Overdrive for Android:

Top car racing Game:

Gameloft has bought licenses for use of more than 30 fascinating racing cars, including such legendary names as Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa. Of course at first, you will not have many choices, and only after you have done a lot of plays and gained enough XP and money, can you be able to unlock the more attractive games. Similar to other racing game, Asphalt Overdrive allows players to upgrade their racing cars for best racing performance.

An interesting and novel thing with Asphalt Overdrive is that players will have different tasks in each round of game; they must complete a task to be able to move to the next. Typically, you will face one of the following tasks: cutting off with police car, beat off the boss car, avoid obstacles and perform spectacular racing scenes on the road.

Classical style:

Asphalt Overdrive is set in California in the 1980s so everything in the game, from decorations of the cars, the streets and contexts of the games bear strongly the marks of this decade.

And of course we should mention the pinnacle of graphics in this game. Asphalt Overdrive is developed from modern graphics technology, using light and real time molecular motion effects, helping to enhance the experience of high speed in the game. At the same time this advanced technology keep the images in the game catch up with the speed of motions and from freezing or lags.

Challenging the world:

Asphalt Overdrive allows players to connect with their Facebook account. They can save their game steps and look out for playmates and competitors from their Facebook friend list. This function is really useful. Especially in the street racing game, you can team up or gang up with some other players to conquer weekly challenges together to win attractive prizes.

In addition, players can also participate in Trophy Cup to improve their driving skills, while keep track of their improvements through each round.
Along with that, you can also participate in the game's events to win XP scores and valuable kind rewards.

Some tricks to play the game Asphalt Overdrive for android:

Check the current mission objectives:

Players can view mission objectives and tasks on the screen in the same area on the left or in the center of the screen while driving. However, some tasks do not show clear objectives (such as Checkpoint and Daily Test Drives). These tasks require you to drive as fast as possible and score as many points as possible.

Learn about the league:

Union (League) is a group of players with the same level of participation. Players are classified according to the same federation. You can earn points Federation (general form of reward, the reward is based on the final score and reward star) by completing tasks in the game.

Learn about Alliances:

This is a group of players have the same goal, the same concept as such teams or groups. By participating in the guild, you can contact with friends and other players Asphalt Overdrive. This is an opportunity to receive a number of incentives such as fuel load times faster, increasing scores for each task ...

To create a new guild, you must achieve at least 10 missions in Turf 1 Social Access section, click the icon in the lower right Gang screen and choose Create Gang. You can also participate in the state group available.

Join the event:

Daily events, primetime and weekend events are the challenges in the game. There are two types of rewards: the reward is given progress as you complete objectives set out event. Reward for ranking the top players, achieving the highest score in that chain of events.

How to get Bill:

You can get them by collecting Bill on the go, or as a reward for the tournament and specific tasks. You can also convert gold into Bill if desired. To get the gold, you also collect them on the way, or as a reward for the tournament and specific tasks. Gold also be purchased through the in-game option fee.

How to buy car racing:

Dealer access the main menu item. Choose a car and hit the Buy icon. To switch between the different vehicles, access the main menu item Dealer in, choose a car and hit the Use icon. Of course, you must be the new owner of this car used.

Three types of car upgrade:

Upgraded engine makes the car run faster and better. Upgrade enables accelerated speed down when going slow and finish Quick Time Events Event easier(touch timer startup tasks). Nitro Upgrade helps you refuel faster.

The tasks on the map:

Type tasks are related Getaway and bosses. You need to escape from the police to start this race. Often, tasks used to take the money and stars.

How to use the combo:

To use the combo, you need to perform two actions in a short period of time. At the same time, in a position behind a transport vehicle to activate the combo timer.

How to fill the tank of nitrogen:

While running, the stunts are more offers for your little nitrogen (somersault, jump, release,...). You can also add nitrogen on the track to load directly into the fuel tank. Before the race, you can purchase a Full Nitro Boost ready to load upon boot.

Alliances Events:

The event was a guild challenge for the whole team. Similar to the event date, event hours and weekends gold, guild events have 2 types of reward: the reward is given progress as you complete objectives set out event. Awards won for ranking the top players, achieving the highest score in the chain of that events.

See more video trailer of Asphalt Overdrive game:

Let's play Asphalt Overdrive for Android and experience this racing game in your way!

Now you can download Asphalt Overdrive for Android free (APK + Data):

File size: 27 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up

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5 best smartphone alternative options besides iPhone 6

5 best smartphone alternative options besides iPhone 6

iPhone 6 has become a phenomenon in the market but beside it, there are still many other good smartphones 2014 with not only smart functions and beautiful design, and most importantly, cheaper than their Apple counterparts.

Bellows are 5 smart options other than iPhone 6:

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

This miniature version of the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is one of really big Android rivals of Apple iPhone 6. Iphone 6 and Xperia Z3 both have similar size and similar HD resolution screen, 4.7 inch and 4.6 inch respectively. However, Z3 Compact has a slimmer body and more durable against water and dust.

5 best smartphone alternative options besides iPhone 6 - 01

Especially, it is also one of the Android smartphones with most powerful configuration at present, although it is located in the mid-range segment. Compact Z3 features 4 core 2 GB RAM Snapdragon 801 processor with a 20.7 megapixel camera, which is similar to that of a Z3, and allows for 4K resolution video.

HTC One M8

iPhone 6 looks very impressive with its aluminum case, but is not the only smartphone on the market with this feature. The HTC One M8 launched in early 2014 is rated to have the best design among all the products of 2014 with a monolithic aluminum case of different colors: barrel (most typical), silver (last year generations), yellow or striking red or pink.

5 best smartphone alternative options besides iPhone 6 - 02

In terms of size, One M8 looks slightly longer than iPhone 6 and has a 5 inch full HD and higher resolution screen. In addition to its powerful configuration and unique dual camera system, this HTC high-end Android smartphone also owns a very impressive dual speaker on its front face.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha satisfies users the best among all Samsung's predecessor  Galaxy versions, with not only a slim design but also sharp and solid metal frame instead of the traditionally plastic one.

5 best smartphone alternative options besides iPhone 6 - 03

Coming earlier yet Alpha Galaxy boasts the features alike to those of iPhone 6 such as 4.7 inch HD resolution screen, fingerprint sensor home key with and a lightweight body. One of the outstanding features is found with its heartbeat sensor and colorful design and back cover allowing for easy opening for extra battery inserting.

Nokia Lumia 830

Lumia 830 is an economical rival of iPhone 6, as Microsoft places it in the midrange segment approximately $400. Nokia Lumia 830 is a product with superior design and bright colors, and thinnest body ever. Its frame and edge is made from sturdy metal and certainly inspired its predecessor 930.

5 best smartphone alternative options besides iPhone 6 - 04

Lumina 830 has a 5 inch screen, larger that that of Phone 6 with 4 core 1 GB RAM processor. It has a PureView 10 megapixel camera with an OIS vibration proof lens like that of iPhone 6 Plus which outdoes that of iPhone 6  which relies on a digital stablizer.

LG G3 16 GB

Apple is said to be less creative as usual by releasing iPhone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus. And some manufacturers have been doing this better than Apple.

5 best smartphone alternative options besides iPhone 6 - 05

LG G3 is a product worth considering not only for potential users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Because this model possesses a 5.5 inch wide screen, but very neat body with thin contours. It is smaller than Iphone 6 Plus but not much larger than Iphone 6.

G3 is distinguishing with its 2K QuadHD screen, 4 times higher than HD Retina display on the iPhone 6. 

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Fifa 15 APK for Android Full HD Data free download

Fifa 15 APK for Android Full HD Data free download

You need download Fifa 15 game for your mobile phone and tablet? See more free other versions of Fifa game for Android here:

Download Fifa 15 apk for android right now to a wonderful experience on the phone and your tablet. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for android is the pinnacle soccer game that EA SPORTS issued to satisfied for players. Game FIFA 15 with the sophisticated investors and all the latest on how to play, graphical quality, and smoothness in the dragging technique and process very pinnacle of following players. Surely the interesting things that you will not be able to ignore the atmosphere as well as the river match in hot game FIFA 15 Android now on the phone or your tablet. (See more info Pes 2015 Android)

What's new in game Fifa 15 APK for Android:

Fifa 15 APK for Android Full HD Data free download
Fifa 15 for Android
FIFA 15 Android has more than 10,000 following players from 500 teams, in addition, more than 30 tournaments on the really famous stadiums in the world.

FIFA 15 apk has an interface like FIFA 14 apk, the difference is probably darker colors than white cardboard core from FIFA 14 android. And many reforms in intelligent design and more convenient for players with more specific guidance.

FIFA 15 makes players feel more immersed in the game thanks to original pop sound of the ball, very clear. A different feeling when ice on FIFA 14, when the audience is more detailed graphics, and once there are dangerous situations, audio and animation from the audience is also quite diverse.

download fifa 15 for android free download

On FIFA 15, the main interface is your official team and tactical diagrams, below is a popup interface includes a list of the players 'Substitutes' and 'Reserves' are separated. Gamers can use right click to access analog watch features the character index.

Also the graphics and sound FIFA 15 perfect quality: more detailed graphics, and when there is a dangerous situation, audio and animation from the audience is also quite diverse. The actions of the players to meet the situations and incidents and colorful looks.

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The way EA sort the items Kick Off feature so smart, they put features like Play Match, Team Management, Game Settings, Customise Controls and the top is a list of following players as well as related information between the two team, looked very professional. Will start feeling like a real game, is a real-life game.

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With over 600 new emotional response, will satisfy all the manifestations of the players on the pitch, honestly and accurately. Emotional reactions when 600 combines physical computing systems with technology of the Ignite Engine shaping and FIFA following players application for this 15th edition will make or emotional reactions of the players look exactly like in real life. In FIFA 15 you'll be surprised to look at the strikers goal celebration, frustration or anger defender's goalkeeper. And is equivalent to the cheers of the audience, the challenge of directing intense coach or regret on every bench when he saw his teammates missed opportunity,...

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With the salient features of FIFA 15, EA Sports is expected to do Fifa 15 android explosive gaming world! Let download the FIFA 15 game and enjoy the caste shadow phase as well as the extreme emotional sublimation with FIFA 15 ULTIMATE TEAM for Android.

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Now you can download FIFA 15 for Android free (APK + Data):

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File size: 1,2 GB
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up

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Pes 2015 Apk for Android Full data free download

Pes 2015 Apk for Android Full data free download 

You need download pes 2015 apk data or finding download game pes android for your mobile phone and tablet? This post let you find and download pes 2015 android. See more other version of pes for android: 

PES 2015 APK for Android (Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 for Android) is a football game that gets the most fans waiting at the end of this 2014 (see more info and download game Fifa 15 Android). The recent leaked images of PES 2015 Android shows, this will be a very good game to look forward to, to help gamers forget about the disappointing 2014 version.

While the majority of game publishers are worried to compete against each other in hurricane season game last year then exists besides another war revolves around two rivals, such as Game PES 2015 and Game FIFA 15. Then when EA revealed its products is expected to be released on 13/9 to the recent, Konami also confirmed that PES 2015 will be a time when landing at 13/11 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Pes 2015 Apk for Android Full data free download

In recent days, continuous informations and videos of the PES 2015 demo was posted on YouTube and magazines around the world. Through the articles and videos, we can see that PES 2015 has been a change in the interface and features.

What's new features in Game Pes 2015:

The graphic details in the menu is made according to flat design. Indicators of the players display more intuitive. PES 2015 apk is also rated as graphics and better gameplay than FIFA 2015 for Android. The players have a more natural motion, defense systems is improved, minimizing the situation absurd when faced with an opponent striker. The system moves and gestures personalized for each player. Goalkeepers will also appear active and more dangerous tackles in the ball. These techniques to overcome opponents, handle the ball in PES 2015 similar version of PES 2014 for Android and PES 2013 Android. The ball shot is also made more powerful.

Game Pes 2015 free download

On this new version, Konami said the development team was replayed over 1,000 players each handling specific actions based on real-life prototypes. Just like PES 2014, PES 2015 is designed based on the FOX Engine, but the Japanese gaming company confirmed that after more than 1 year to find out, now that they've mastered the advantages that toolkit gives to create the complete game than last year. 

One example is representative firm offer a football pitch. With integrated editing tools available in the game, players can customize the stadium liking, such as lawn opt to do the short pass becomes slower or more irrigation water to be adversely affected again. Heard seem very detailed, but does it really affect much to the overall gameplay of football or not then can't know.

Game Pes 2015 Android free download

With graphics, through the previous screenshot of the PS4 version of PES 2015 players can see the face was a step closer to reality through improvements in lighting effects and shadows. Many small details such as moles, freckles and is now showing full face every player on the field. Konami revealed, FOX Engine enables all what appears in a football match from the stands, pitch, character models are illuminated from a single source like the sun in real life. 

An interesting detail is due to phase ball handling caste and ecstasies help the German team beat Argentina to win the 2014 World Cup champions past, midfielder Mario Gotze 23-year-old has obviously became avatar on the cover of PES 2015 officially.

Pes 2015 Apk free download

PES 2015 is also the first version to introduce GP monetary system in the game and learning from FIFA Ultimate Team mode. GP points can be earned through the unlocked Achievement, Challenge in game or bought with real money and then, players will use them to buy more players playing online service. 

As usual before the official launch, PES 2015 will release a free demo to explore gamer feedback, is expected pre launching about 2 months on 17/9.

See Demo Pes 2015 trailer here:

Now you can download Pes 2015 for Android free (APK + Data):

Download Pes 2015 Apk on Google Play

 Or: download Pes 2015 on 4shared | mediafire | rapidshare | torrent

I will update link download when game Pes 2015 release. Have fun. Visit often apk free download blog to update information about android games.

File size: MB
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha may launch next week

Samsung Galaxy Alpha may launch next week

Leaked information says Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a mid range configuration, a HD 4,8 inch metal screen and a traditional design not very much different from other Samsung models. According to GSMArena, this Samsung mobile with metal edges may be launched on August 4. Galaxy Alpha is seen as the preparation step before Samsung debut their masterpiece Galaxy Note 4 in early September at IFA.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha may launch next week
Samsung Galaxy Alpha with metal frame. Photo: SamMobile.

Specialists think that Samsung release Galaxy Alpha as the direct competitor with the Iphone 6 for its Super AMOLED 4,7 or 4,8 inch screen. But Sammobile says that the screen of the Galaxy Alpha is only HD 720p (similar to those in the mid range line) and not Full HD or Quad HD like with the premium devices. Details about the configuration of a Samsung Galaxy Alpha have not been unveiled but generally this product runs on the most updated Exynos LTE Chipset with 32GB of non-expandable storage space.
Leaked photos show that Samsung use new material but keep the traditional design for their Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

The device has light-color metal edges with the faux-leather back cover similar that of Galaxy S5 except for smaller dots. Its back features a protruding back camera, flashlight and heart rate monitor. Its front has three navigating buttons with the Home button serving also as a fingerprint security scanner.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Android Full APK Data free download

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Android Full APK Data free download

Modern Combat 5 Android is one of the popular shooter games on mobile devices is expected in the world in 2014, after the huge success of the previous games like Modern Combat 4 Apk or Modern Combat 3 Android, Modern Combat 5 Apk (MC5 APK) themed on military conflicts have come to the gamers of the iOS and Android operating systems. In a move that surprises absolutely no previous Modern Combat 5 trial version are introduced one at E3 Gameloft and below are some initial observations about the most favorite game of this summer.

Modern Combat 5 Android Full APK Data free download
Modern Combat 5 Android
The first thing attention immediately at the E3 exhibition which was the leap of loyalty to the pictures that manufacturers are pursuing. Modern Combat 5 tested on iPad 4 showed sharp graphics and challenging gameplay. The structure and depth of the surrounding environment is truly a great impression and this obviously creates a picture of the battlefield utmost honesty.

If you've played the game Modern Combat version before, in this version the action part and the tools will assistance even more than your expectations. The modern fighters will be one of assistance for the plan to attack the player. Aircraft will not only shoot at enemies, but also transitional of data map shows where the opposition is positioned. While Gameloft silent about the details of the story, mulitplayer, and new weapons, the weapon mod system of the game is the trump card for the utility adjustment as target distance, target focus, similar to the console style of a game like Crysis and Call of Duty.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Android Full APK Data free download

Modern Combat 5 Updated:

Recently, after months silent on the matter, Gameloft has suddenly announced the latest version of the popular shooter game Modern Combat will be the official name is Modern Combat 5: Blackout. And now, the game was released on Google Play and App Store, and is priced at $ 8.99.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Android free download
In the game, players will adventure begins in Venice, Italy, where your main character - Phoenix must stop a group of armed terrorists were transporting weapons of mass destruction. You will become a skilled gunner, train operations fast reflexes, flexibility moves to kill enemies.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout apk free download
Modern Combat 5 Blackout Apk will have a lot of difficulty levels for players to experience, along with beautiful 3D graphics, attractive. The action part of the game adds more fighters and the weapons, guaranteed to bring a new experience.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout apk data free download
The first is that the game will have a unified system in the new process. We all know that the game Modern Combat features are maintained in parallel both single-player mode and multiplayer mode online giant. Both are well developed and independent of each other, attracting a large amount of gamers. In Modern Combat 5, the two main areas of the game will be linked together through a unified system processes.

Modern Combat 5 Android free download
The emergence of this system is very beneficial for the player. Because whether you choose to play according to the single-player mode or multiplayer mode, the experience gained will promote the development of his character. And if you unlock a new weapon no matter what game mode, you can use 2 weapons that in both modes.

Modern Combat 5 apk free download
In addition, players will choose for themselves the different character classes, were all too familiar to anyone who ever played the game genre first person shooter in recent years. Each class in Modern Combat 5 will be upgraded mechanism and special privileges.

Game Modern Combat 5 free download
There are four typical warrior class in Modern Combat 5 Blackout Android, including: Assault - the mid-range class of fire using assault rifles and pistols; Heavy - medium access layer fighters proficient with pistols and RPGs; Recon - and extremely agile class excels at close combat, use SMGs and pistols; ultimately Sniper - class best fight at long range and use sniper rifles and pistols.

Modern Combat 5 data file free download
In particular, will not have any application to purchase certain items, players can unlock all the items and upgrades all the characters simply by playing and playing is excellent. You do not have to spend a penny to go down or speeding. Players must be very happy because now no longer encounter obstacles must purchase during game play.

Modern Combat 5 free download

Modern Combat 5 download free

Features of the game Modern Combat 5: Blackout


  • 4 customizable classes that you can level up across single- and multiplayer
  • Find the play style the suits you: Assault, Heavy, Recon, or Sniper
  • Activate class-specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points


  • Epic team clashes in Squad vs. Squad matches
  • Talk to other players in Global and Squad Chat
  • Individual and Squad leaderboards
  • Win cool rewards in the limited-time events


  • Accumulate XP and level up by playing both single-player missions and multiplayer matches
  • Unlock higher-tier weapons by mastering lower-tier ones
  • Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachments and jump straight into the action


  • Fast-paced story missions with various challenges taking you from Tokyo to Venice
  • Play the new Spec-Ops missions for a real FPS adrenaline rush
  • Flawless graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted for a shooter game


  • Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can play the game just the way you want
  • Modern Combat 5 supports HID game controllers. MOGA Pro is also supported, in mode B (HID Mode).

Overall, with the new improvements we can fully trust in Modern Combat 5: Blackout Android. Anyway, gamers and fans have been waiting a long time and certainly what the game gives the player will not be disappointed.

Now you can download Game Modern Combat 5 Blackout here:

Link APK file: Modern Combat 5 Blackout free download on Google Play, on iOS, on Window Phone

Or try download game here :

Modern Combat 5 APK + Data files:
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Click here see more shooter games for android. Have fun.

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