Asphalt Overdrive apk for Android full data free download

Asphalt Overdrive Apk for Android full data free download

Asphalt Overdrive Apk is the latest free games for Android in Gameloft's Asphalt Racing series has been launched in Google Play. In this latest Asphalt version, Gameloft will take players back to the world of Arcade style car race of the 1980s. You will have a chance to glide on classical muscle racing cars, hurtle down the California streets sweeping dust along the road and superciliously challenge American traffic polices.

Asphalt Overdrive apk for Android full data free download

To tell the truth, Asphalt Overdrive does not necessarily follow the arcade style but this game's graphics that do, and this will give you such feelings. Basically, Asphalt Overdrive Android follows the endless runner gameplay (running for life) which is quite popular today. That is, instead of human running like in Temple Run 2 Apk or Despicable Me for Android, the players will race their cars on the endless roads. Because of the above reasons, you can't rotate the screen horizontally for doing the race like with Asphalt 7 Android or Asphalt 8 Android, but will have to keep your Android device straight in Asphalt Overdrive for Android.

For this reason, Asphalt Overdrive runs on a totally different control mechanism. Specifically, the player should slide his hand right or left to switch between the different racing lanes. At the same time, in this game to win the first place in the race is not the only goal and players can also enjoy lots of other funs. For example, they can collide and push other cars off the track, challenge the police and perform dramatic chasse, and of course, an indispensable part in Asphalt Overdrive will be beautiful showoffs of skills.

Asphalt Overdrive for Android Apk free download

What's new Features in game Asphalt Overdrive for Android:

Top car racing Game:

Gameloft has bought licenses for use of more than 30 fascinating racing cars, including such legendary names as Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa. Of course at first, you will not have many choices, and only after you have done a lot of plays and gained enough XP and money, can you be able to unlock the more attractive games. Similar to other racing game, Asphalt Overdrive allows players to upgrade their racing cars for best racing performance.

An interesting and novel thing with Asphalt Overdrive is that players will have different tasks in each round of game; they must complete a task to be able to move to the next. Typically, you will face one of the following tasks: cutting off with police car, beat off the boss car, avoid obstacles and perform spectacular racing scenes on the road.

Classical style:

Asphalt Overdrive is set in California in the 1980s so everything in the game, from decorations of the cars, the streets and contexts of the games bear strongly the marks of this decade.

And of course we should mention the pinnacle of graphics in this game. Asphalt Overdrive is developed from modern graphics technology, using light and real time molecular motion effects, helping to enhance the experience of high speed in the game. At the same time this advanced technology keep the images in the game catch up with the speed of motions and from freezing or lags.

Challenging the world:

Asphalt Overdrive allows players to connect with their Facebook account. They can save their game steps and look out for playmates and competitors from their Facebook friend list. This function is really useful. Especially in the street racing game, you can team up or gang up with some other players to conquer weekly challenges together to win attractive prizes.

In addition, players can also participate in Trophy Cup to improve their driving skills, while keep track of their improvements through each round.
Along with that, you can also participate in the game's events to win XP scores and valuable kind rewards.

Some tricks to play the game Asphalt Overdrive for android:

Check the current mission objectives:

Players can view mission objectives and tasks on the screen in the same area on the left or in the center of the screen while driving. However, some tasks do not show clear objectives (such as Checkpoint and Daily Test Drives). These tasks require you to drive as fast as possible and score as many points as possible.

Learn about the league:

Union (League) is a group of players with the same level of participation. Players are classified according to the same federation. You can earn points Federation (general form of reward, the reward is based on the final score and reward star) by completing tasks in the game.

Learn about Alliances:

This is a group of players have the same goal, the same concept as such teams or groups. By participating in the guild, you can contact with friends and other players Asphalt Overdrive. This is an opportunity to receive a number of incentives such as fuel load times faster, increasing scores for each task ...

To create a new guild, you must achieve at least 10 missions in Turf 1 Social Access section, click the icon in the lower right Gang screen and choose Create Gang. You can also participate in the state group available.

Join the event:

Daily events, primetime and weekend events are the challenges in the game. There are two types of rewards: the reward is given progress as you complete objectives set out event. Reward for ranking the top players, achieving the highest score in that chain of events.

How to get Bill:

You can get them by collecting Bill on the go, or as a reward for the tournament and specific tasks. You can also convert gold into Bill if desired. To get the gold, you also collect them on the way, or as a reward for the tournament and specific tasks. Gold also be purchased through the in-game option fee.

How to buy car racing:

Dealer access the main menu item. Choose a car and hit the Buy icon. To switch between the different vehicles, access the main menu item Dealer in, choose a car and hit the Use icon. Of course, you must be the new owner of this car used.

Three types of car upgrade:

Upgraded engine makes the car run faster and better. Upgrade enables accelerated speed down when going slow and finish Quick Time Events Event easier(touch timer startup tasks). Nitro Upgrade helps you refuel faster.

The tasks on the map:

Type tasks are related Getaway and bosses. You need to escape from the police to start this race. Often, tasks used to take the money and stars.

How to use the combo:

To use the combo, you need to perform two actions in a short period of time. At the same time, in a position behind a transport vehicle to activate the combo timer.

How to fill the tank of nitrogen:

While running, the stunts are more offers for your little nitrogen (somersault, jump, release,...). You can also add nitrogen on the track to load directly into the fuel tank. Before the race, you can purchase a Full Nitro Boost ready to load upon boot.

Alliances Events:

The event was a guild challenge for the whole team. Similar to the event date, event hours and weekends gold, guild events have 2 types of reward: the reward is given progress as you complete objectives set out event. Awards won for ranking the top players, achieving the highest score in the chain of that events.

See more video trailer of Asphalt Overdrive game:

Let's play Asphalt Overdrive for Android and experience this racing game in your way!

Now you can download Asphalt Overdrive for Android free (APK + Data):

File size: 27 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up

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